ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping pros and cons

ECU remapping is a way of getting the most out of your vehicle in terms of performance and economy. Having your vehicle remapped is also known as chipping or tuning

Modern vehicles have an Engine Control Unit that controls the following parameters fuel, air intake and the turbo functions.

ECU remapping optimizes how the engine control module regulates the different parameters for performance and economy.

ECU remapping is done by flashing the original software on the ECU with a standard map and reinstalling new one with custom map. The whole procedure is done using specialized equipment and takes roughly an hour.

ECU remapping service usually happens in two way, first, is a general one-size-fits-all remap and second, is a specialized remap tailored specifically for your car.

The second option definitely costs more than the first option.

There are also possible piggyback devices that are attached to the ECU in some vehicles. This devices are readily available on the market and often cheap. They meant to be do-it-yourself, but, a qualified technician is definitely worth your time and money.

Why don’t Manufacturers optimize performance?

Manufacturer’s main focus is reliability, safety and cost.

Pros of ECU remapping

Greater fuel economy and better engine performance

Cons of ECU remapping

The extra performance can come with the risk of engine break down thus you must get a specialist to do it for you to mitigate the risks.

If you are looking for specialist to help remap your ECU, talk to us.

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